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Mar 31, 2022

Shanelle Edmonds Esq is a family lawyer whose wise beyound her years. She breaks down today in this episode how to legally Sue the side chick for destroying your Marriage.

Can I sue the ‘ side chick ’ for destroying my marriage? Is that even legal? Shanelle Edmonds Esq, Family Lawyer Explains How To Sue the Side Chick. Good news is you may be able to sue the side chick and line your pockets with sweet revenge! Attorney Shanelle Edmonds shares about family law and what your rights are as a spouse. Who is Shanelle Edmonds Esq?

Shanelle is an attorney in the Pittsboro, North Carolina area and surrounding counties. She believes in working closely with clients to advise, counsel, and represent them in various legal matters such as Family law, Estate Administration, Civil Litigation, and business needs. A strong supporter of mentorship and building up those in her community, Shanelle mentors incoming first-year law students to promote their academic success. She has also coordinated the annual HBCU Pre-law Summit at North Carolina A&T State University to engage minority students in their ability to achieve success in a law school environment.

She has also spent time in Port Au Prince, Haiti with the North Carolina Bar Association’s Haiti Committee to build a liaison between Haiti and North Carolina to strengthen Haiti’s economic stability and business expansions. She is currently planning and engaging in various webinars to support and uplift young advocates trying to enter into the legal profession.

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