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GentleMan Style Podcast-God, Family, Finance, Self

This show is dedicated to helping and the restoring the faith in our young men threw the mentoring and education on personal finance, healthcare, health insurance, life insurance, homeowners and renters insurance, enlightenment, and of course encouragement about what every man should know through the eyes of a gentleman perspective and God at the forefront!

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Feb 3, 2022

Dr. Nip& Tuck breaks down the mystery and the questions that you wanted answered about plastic surgeons and calms your fears about getting the work done.

Dr. Nicholas Jones is a famous Atlanta-based expert in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Having completed his training in both general and plastic surgery,...

Jan 21, 2022

This Dynamic Duo Jeri 7 Jamia Coach mothers into having better and stronger bonds and Win in Life! Lets Tune In...

Today, in this video, we will understand the process of healing mother and daughter relationship issues. We will be briefed by Jeri and Jamia who coach the mother and daughter relationship to...

Jul 9, 2021

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Mike Duffy Shares his Happiness foundation and his books in which he teaches on how to shift your mindset around finding true happiness.

Mike Duffy is a philanthropist and an author of five books on happiness including: The Happiness Book: A Positive Guide To Happiness!, The Happiness...

May 20, 2021

Today we are interviewing World Renowned Speaker and Medical professional Dr. Leslie Matthew as he talks about the benefits of Vitamin and how they can help combat the COV19 Virus! Throughout the show he shares tips, best medical practices, information and despells some common myths behind the Coronavirus. Stay tuned.

Feb 25, 2021

CEO & Founder of Uncommon Redesigns is an incredible interview where Ms. Charie opens up the front door and blows all expectations away with her heart, and living her truth! You won't want to miss one second of this show.

Charie Williams is a Furniture Redesigner, speaker, philanthropist, military spouse, mother,...