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This show is dedicated to helping and the restoring the faith in our young men threw the mentoring and education on personal finance, healthcare, health insurance, life insurance, homeowners and renters insurance, enlightenment, and of course encouragement about what every man should know through the eyes of a gentleman perspective and God at the forefront!

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Jun 9, 2022

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David Childers breaks down why Multi-family Real Estate is the best Real Estate Asset Class there is out in the market. Lets dive right in...

Mr. Childers is a managing member of Residential Investment Advisors & Cedar Rock Capital based in Nashville TN. Mr. Childers has over 17 years of experience in real estate investing in Middle TN. Cedar Rock Capital has over 300 Multifamily units located throughout Middle TN and Pensacola, Florida.

He is actively involved in the daily operations, asset management and all aspects of the operation on these assets. Ten (10) years ago David saw a need for a brokerage firm that focused on small multi-family properties and investors. Over these years David has built Residential Investment Advisors into a successful brokerage firm.

David has brokered over 600 Multifamily properties in Middle TN, Northern Alabama, and Southern KY. He has advised hundreds of clients throughout the years with purchases as small as two units and as large as 1100 units. Dave also serves as the managing broker for Millennia Housing TN which currently holds over 2500 units from Memphis to Johnson City TN. Dave and his wife Laura and 2 children reside in Lebanon, TN.

Dave is frequently called upon to speak at various investments meetings around the middle TN area. He has recently become a board member of the local real estate investment club.

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