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May 1, 2022

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Dr. Miller is a Missouri and Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor who works with couples struggling with relationship repair. Her 25 years of experience has revealed a lack of resources needed for the cheater to deepen their apology, leading to relational and personal healing.

How often is someone blown away by the discovery of their partner's secret relationship? Physical and emotional affairs impact between 30-50% of couples. There are a lot of people in crisis! In therapy, the post-affair work focus is typically on the wounded consumed with emotional pain.

The adulterer usually attempts to sidestep a confession, consciously or unconsciously, to avoid the harsh self-reflection of being a cheater. While the betrayed needs to be supported, the proper repair comes from the adulterer's open, honest, and deepened apology. Unfortunately, the cheater rarely gets the help they need. Forgiveness can only come after the betrayer deepens empathy for those hurt and take responsibility for their actions and violation of their moral code.

More Than Sorry: 5 Steps to Deepen Your Apology After You Have Committed Infidelity supports the offender's navel gazing. Only through frank discussion and analysis of the affair can the cheater repair present and future relationships and achieve personal growth.

This target audience needs direction and guidance through their healing journey. Dr. Miller can help.


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