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Jan 14, 2021

Interview with CEO and CO-Founder Lee Nelson of Florida Cane Distillery. This episode we discuss a unique and alternative type of investment VODKA! We discuss many of the pro's aswell as the cons to investing in a local small business and give you some tips.

Florida CANE Distillery began in 2012 as a proof of concept company by two good friends, Lee Nelson and Pat O'Brien. Using a small business loan of $40,000, the pair established the company in an 800 Sq. Ft. warehouse and released our flagship product, Florida CANE Vodka, followed by a succession of flavored vodkas made with locally-sourced produce. By the end of 2014, they launched and developed a line of high-proof moonshines—Sunshine Moonshine—as well as an award-winning New World Gin—Tamiami Gin.

What do you do? We manufacture and market Florida CANE Vodka, El Encanto Rum, Tamiami Gin, and Red Drum Whiskey using local Florida produce, bottled and packaged in 100% American-made glass.

Why is Vodka a good Investment? Why us......
🗣Advocated for law change and became Florida's first craft distillery with a vodka tasting room

🏆Nationally recognized spirits—Platinum, Double Gold, & Gold awards from renowned Spirit Competitions

💰Multiple Revenue Streams: Whiskey Distilling School, Hand Sanitizer sold on Amazon, and White Labels

🏙Active distributions agreements to bring award-winning El Encanto Silver Rum to 5 additional states

Distribution established in Wal-Mart, Total Wine, ABC Liquors, Disney, Busch Gardens, & Sea World

🧳Located in a high-traffic tourist district— Ybor City. Offering a unique experience for visitors

🤯Largest craft spirits portfolio in the nation, with 32 independently successful SKUs established

👨‍🌾Unique distilling process incorporates fresh Florida produce and Florida sugar cane