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Apr 23, 2022

Watch This Interview Live: "Mint Book" Review

WHAT TO EXPECT: "What a magnificent read this book delivers! From the first sentence to the very last letter, this story was a real treat. It should become an instant classic. The author's vivid descriptions of Mint's experiences elicit chills." -Dr. Morris L. Redd, Grace for Granted: Finding Extraordinary Blessings in Ordinary Settings

THE STORY: Her slave name is Sarah May Robertson, but they called her Mint. Mint is 110 years old, and she has a story to tell about her life. The year is 1966, and she starts to write, but it's too painful to confront her past and face the truth about her life. Her story is a chilling detailed account of her painful life as a slave and a free woman. Many of her experiences she has never dared to whisper. When her grandson learns about her story, he sets out to show Mint that her story is worth telling.

THE AUTHOR: Teresa A Swift lives in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area with her husband, Robert. She is a mother and grandmother. Teresa started her writing career after working for twenty years in the mortgage industry. She has published several children’s books and a novel. She is also the co-founder of Need Change Now, a non-profit organization that addresses global warming and the effects it causes on low to moderate-income and minority communities. “Mint” is her second novel.

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