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Apr 8, 2024

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Inside the Mind of a Spy: (How To Read Anyone Instantly) #Spy #DecodeHumanBehavior #leadershipskills 

Hey, Gentleman Style Podcast family! Marcus Norman here, alongside the ever-insightful co-host Karmea Wells. Today, we've got something you won't want to missβ€”a journey into the shadows and tales of espionage with our distinguished guest, The Retired Spy, JJ Brun.

πŸ” Meet Our Guest: JJ Brun

After a remarkable 15 years within the Intelligence Branch of the Canadian Armed Forces, JJ didn't just hang up his cloak and dagger; he took his arsenal of human behavior knowledge and communication tactics to the next level. Founded DHC Training Solutions in 1999, he now specializes in unlocking the full potential of teams and individuals everywhere.

What's in It for You?

JJ's not just here to share gripping tales from his days in the field. He's here to offer us insights into mastering the art of understanding and influencing those around us. It's about reading the room, whether that room is in a board meeting or a casual chat. Get ready for stories that entertain and strategies that could just change the way you see the world.

For anyone who's ever been fascinated by the secret world of spies or anyone looking to sharpen their leadership and communication skills, JJ's insights are pure gold. It's about making the most of every interaction, every day.

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Curious about JJ Brun and how his expertise might benefit you or your organization? Swing by The Retired Spy to learn more about the power of human behavior.

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