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Jun 28, 2023

Welcome back to another insightful episode of the Gentleman Style Podcast with your host, Marcus Norman! With all the ways you can earn passive income, did you know you can Earn Big Bucks with Six Figure Film Shoot Rentals ?

This channel is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs learn and grow by unveiling innovative business strategies and untapped opportunities. In today's episode, we're shifting gears to discuss how you can transform your property into a highly sought-after location for film and video shoots, thereby creating a lucrative stream of passive income.

Joining us is an industry expert, Josh Lawlor. As the founder of The Film Shoot Rental Roadmap, Josh has carved a niche in this highly specialized market, and he's here to share his experiences, tips, and strategies with us. In this episode, Josh breaks down the process of renting out your home or property for film shoots. He covers everything from understanding the legality and insurance aspects, to enhancing the appeal of your property for filmmakers, to negotiating the best rental agreements.

By following his roadmap, you'll not only discover how to put your unused or underused real estate assets to work but also understand how to tap into a unique income source in the film industry. This method is not just about earning passive income, but also about becoming part of creative projects and the exciting world of filmmaking.

TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - Intro 1:25 - Who is Josh Lawlor?

7:30 - Why rent your property out?

14:20 - Legal and insurance considerations

26:50 - Enhancing your property's appeal for filmmakers

36:00 - Startup costs

45:00 - Its a wrap!

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