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This show is dedicated to helping and the restoring the faith in our young men threw the mentoring and education on personal finance, healthcare, health insurance, life insurance, homeowners and renters insurance, enlightenment, and of course encouragement about what every man should know through the eyes of a gentleman perspective and God at the forefront!

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Jan 27, 2022

Peter Peng has integrated Artificial Intelligenc with Voice operations! This is leading edge technology and a breakthrough in the fintech community and now you have the ability to invest in it.

Today, in this video we will discuss Artificial General Intelligence 2021 through voice. Peter Peng CEO of Jetson AI company will brief us about the lifelong learning ai through voice. In the 21st century, artificial general intelligence has developed leaps and bounds. The main development is lifelong learning ai through voice. It means the changing voice and cloning voice of the people by Artificial Intelligence.

Who is Peter Peng ofJetson? Chairman, Founder, CEO of Jetson. With over 12 years of experience leading artificial intelligence companies in both software and hardware, Peter has a passion for crafting new user experiences surrounding emerging ai technologies. In 2014, Peter was one of the first in the world to lock/unlock a smart lock with Google Glass using voice and visual interfaces. His passion for the commercialization of AI (Artificial Intelligence) through voice is what lead to the creation of Jetson, an intelligent voice commerce platform.

Peter has also been chosen to be a participant in Season 2 of the innovative and forward-thinking reality TV show called The Social Movement - 4 Days to Save the World. So, stay tuned!