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Nov 5, 2022

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The founder of CordBrick LLC, Nicholas (Nick) Barrett is a 2022 U.S. Patent holder for CordBrick, with other patents pending. He has crafted CordBrick from conception to launch and through its early-stage investment rounds. His plans include expanding on his product line and building a disruptive brand that makes a positive impact on individual lives and the world.

A Penn State Graduate, Nick is an Eagle Scout and was the third-place finisher in a Florida Atlantic University business plan competition. In March 2017, punctuated by a 3rd drunk driving charge, Nick was offered (and accepted) a helping hand with the opportunity to attend Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in Naples, where he began his recovery journey, now more than five years since his last drink. Nick credits Hazelden, but especially the local men and women of his Alcoholics Anonymous groups who have helped him change his perspective and who taught him, among many things, that by focusing on the day and moment at hand joy, serenity, and peace can be obtained.

Nick’s experiences eventually hardened into a drive to launch his own venture. In June of 2020, Nick began developing CordBrick, a device for holding and wrapping electronic charging cords, and launched CordBrick LLC in September with a small personal savings account and family investors. Nick sought intellectual property protection and began prototyping and product testing. After a year of failing and learning, in November of 2021, CordBrick LLC’s first product, CordBrick, arrived for consumer sale.

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