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Mar 10, 2022

This super model is taking the world by storm, but still finding time to impact her community by providing shelters and affordable housing for the homeless in her community! A pure heart of gold you won't want to to miss this incredible episode.

Today, In this video we are honored to have Ms. Plus Virginia & Ms. Northeastern as our special guest. She will share his details about her initiative of providing pods for the homeless shelter. She will also shed light on her life and success story. As you see every day that hundreds of people sleep on the footpaths, they don’t have any homeless shelter.

So, for serving humanity we need to help them to get homeless shelter and fight this homeless crisis. We have to take care of our humans. About Ms. Plus Virginia & Ms. Northeastern US? Katrinia began modeling 11 years ago. In 2018 she was crowned the very first Ms. Full Figured Virginia Plus. During her reign, she was able to travel and speak on behalf of her platform: The importance of advocacy amongst children with disabilities. Katrinia is the face of multiple brands.

Not only is she a pageant queen and model she’s a community activist. This past December Katrinia created the movement #Keepvawarm. This initiative provides warm items, food, toiletries, and clothing to street-bound homeless individuals.

Due to Covid resources were not available to the homeless community. Instead of complaining Katrinia and her group decided to build tiny houses and pods for the homeless individuals. The tents she provided just weren’t enough.

Katrinia thanks the community for its tremendous support and can’t wait to see the tiny houses in each city. As a Children’s Advocate for a local family shelter Katrinia’s dedication to her community is something she prides herself on. #Keepvawarm

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