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GentleMan Style Podcast-God, Family, Finance, Self

This show is dedicated to helping and the restoring the faith in our young men threw the mentoring and education on personal finance, healthcare, health insurance, life insurance, homeowners and renters insurance, enlightenment, and of course encouragement about what every man should know through the eyes of a gentleman perspective and God at the forefront!

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Aug 5, 2020

I want to dig in a little bit and express to you the power of refinancing now while mortgage rates are at record lows.  I want to help arm you,  my audience with the tools you need to survive and even thrive during this economic recession. This Pandemic has been the toughest, no doubt, with certain states re-shutting down their economy for the second time this year due to increased numbers of infected.

Well I want give you the tools necessary so you can decide on how you can beat the market and even come out ahead financially as we progress through this.

In this episode I am going to share the financial education topic about refinancing your primary residence and the 3 refinancing options you have at your disposal. I hope today's episode serves you and if you've found value in todays show, please like, share and subscribe.