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Sep 18, 2023

Watch the Live Interview: Live Interview

Join us as Alphonso Layz, the game-changing CEO/Owner of Porn Bread Inc., gives us an exclusive deep dive into the adult entertainment world. Watch, Adult Star Uncovers What Really Goes On – Join Us LIVE! From being the first independent black male entertainer to clinch the AVN Award for 2021 to shooting iconic scenes with famed talents like Misty Stone and Ebony Mystic Goddess, Alphonso has been making waves in the industry since 2013. 


🌟 Key Highlights:

How Alphonso ventured into the industry and built a name for himself. Behind-the-scenes insights into what really goes on during a shoot. Exclusive tales of how music (under his artist name O'Dubby) and a modeling background help differentiate his content. Candid conversations about boundaries, do's and don'ts in the industry, and more!

🎡 Music by O'Dubby - Don't forget to check out his five albums available on all streaming platforms!

TIMESTAMPS 03:00 intro

06:35Meet Karmea Wells

08:00 Meet Alphonso Layz

24:00 Biggest industry fetishes

43:00 Is porn a real job?

55:00 Wrap up

Alphonso's modeling career has spanned several magazines and international runways, making him a multifaceted talent to watch. With his unique music style and passion for editing, his exclusive content is unparalleled.

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